Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Going BIG

It's been quite a while since I carved a really big bear so it's time...  The Sycamore log in this photo is 6' 3" tall.  Thanks to my Mahindra tractor, the log is standing in my studio area waiting to be carved in the morning.

On this piece I will be working for all the realism I can get from my chainsaw.  Realism is not something I've worked on a lot but is something I hope to improve on.

Pelicans!  A flock of white pelicans few over today while I was preparing the log for carving.  I suppose that sooner or later I will have to carve these bizarre birds.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Getting More Western!

American Cowboy Magazine has named Kennewick, WA as one of the best places for cowboy types to live.  That means I have to get more Western as an artist...  To that end I'm working out some new, to me, designs.

This little kokopelli is a work in progress but I've already learned that bigger will be easier.  There's not much clearance for a saw in the negative space areas of this figure!

 Still sketching coyotes and wolves in preparation for carving them.  A bull might be good :)

Monday, March 7, 2011

'tis the season for carving shows.

This weekend I can be found at the Rattlesnake Ridge Riders Annual Chili Feed in Horn Rapids Park near Benton City.  This one day event draws as many as 400 riders and many support people. I'll be demonstrating chainsaw carving as well as selling carvings under the big blue and white tent.

Carvings available at the Chili Feed will include a full bodied colt, several bears, octopus, various carved faces, dolphins, eagles, turtles and tortoise, scotty dogs, benches, wood peckers and so on.  Lots to choose from...