Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Scotch Anyone?

I recently carved a large Scotty Dog from a locally harvestes black walnut log. This was commissioned as a memorial for the customers friend and former co-worker.  As the deceased friend was employed by Highlands Middle School for 23 years, the massive sculpture was installed in the Highlands library earlier this week.  He was promptly names as  you can read about in the school blog.


Friday, October 12, 2012


It's not even Halloween yet.  Not even close to Thanksgiving.  The Election hasn't passed!  Still, retailers like Wal-mart and Lowes are offering Christmas decorations for sale here at the start of October.  Wow!

In the past, I have not made "holiday" themed carvings so this is my first Santa sculpture.  I like the Old World type and have created this for my first Santa attempt.  He's 30" tall, carved from Sycamore, and finished with oil based paints and spar urethane.

He's listed in the For Sale area at http://woodhacker.com/gallery/

Election Symbol?

It's almost election time and while the elephant is the symbol of the Republican Party, what I've carved here is more of a Mouse-a-fant.  Or an elephant with mouse ears... 

Carved from cured Sycamore and finished with boiled linseed oil & urethane spar, this critter stands 24" tall and is being offered for $200 on WoodHacker.com