Thursday, April 21, 2011

Touchet Valley Poker Run

Been running behind schedule but I finally finished this eagle for the Touchet Valley Poker Run.  The poker run will start at Dayton Wine Works and Entertainment Patio in Dayton, WA. Registration is from 9:30 am to 11:30 am. Pre-registration is available. This chainsaw-carved American eagle will be awarded for the best hand.  Money raised by this event will be used to build a Children's Playground in Downtown Dayton.

This particular piece is carved from a basswood log.  Basswood is not common here and is a particularly good wood for carving with hand tools.  It should make a very nice prize for someone to take home and display.

Gallery Show Coming!

Sycamore Colt, 32" tall plus base.
Yet another chainsaw wielding sculptor gets a gallery show.  Namely, me!

You & I Framing & Gallery at 214 W 1st Ave., Kennewick, WA will have my art on display for the May Art Walk.  Brooke at You & I is moving the framing part of the business to their back room and opening the current space as an additional gallery.  My sculptures will fill that new space for May and June 2011.

Sculptures scheduled for the gallery include this Colt, and Octopus and several other large pieces including a sculpted bench.  As many as a dozen small pieces designed to hang on the wall will be there as well.

See you during the May, 2011 Kennewick Art Walk!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ugly Stump?

When driving around town, I frequently see large tree stumps in people's yards.  Some appear to be fresh cut and many have obviously been standing in the weather for a long time.

It's a bit of a puzzle...  Why leave a stump standing and not do something with it?  I've stopped and asked a few folks about their tree stump.  Some had hoped to get their stump carved, others are at a loss to explain.  A few explain they removed the tree limbs themselves but their saw wasn't large enough to cut off the stump.

Well, I can help with those unsightly stumps :)  LOL  "For mere money" I can change them into art or just cut them down.   Depending on the tree species, I might be happy to haul the wood away too.

These photos are of the stump of a paulownia tree near Burbank, WA.  The tree had died so the owner had the limbs removed and asked me about carving it.  We discussed various options {prices} and after a month or two, I was asked to start the job.

This design makes use of the 2 upper forked limbs.  Each will become an eagle with wings raised high.  The larger eagle has barely missed catching a large steel-head fish.  The smaller eagle is right behind and diving for the same fish.

When the carving is completed, accents will be burned in and the entire piece will be sealed with marine spar varnish.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Freja and the Bear

After being delayed by wind storms and shiny objects on the ground, I FINALLY finished the big bear.  The log started, and I think ended, as being 6' 3" tall. It's Sycamore which is great for resisting checking {cracking} in our desert air.  I also added a relief kerf in the back to help direct any cracks toward the back and away from his face.

The big fellow is still out back where I can keep an eye on his finish and apply more coats of sealant as he adjusts to the stresses of being a bear rather than a log.

When he goes out front, I plan to price this one at $1,000.  If he's still around in June, I'll display him in front of the You and I Framing art gallery in downtown during the Kennewick Art Walk.  If not, some other big carving will get the honor.

My next couple of projects are stump carvings...