Friday, November 4, 2011

Need a Chainsaw Artist?

Would you like to find a Chainsaw Artist in your part of the world?
I have listed hundreds of chainsaw carvers on my World Map of Chainsaw Artists at Google Maps.  The below banner contains links to my map page detailing how to create your own links to this resource {click left side}, to the Google Maps display with 2 pages of listings {click Google Maps text on banner}, and a KML file which will open in Google Earth {must have Earth installed on your computer} allowing you to 'fly' around the world visiting these artists {click Google Earth text on the banner}.

If you are a Chainsaw Sculptor/Artist/Carver and would like to be added to the map, first check to see if I've already included you.  Then, if necessary, leave a comment here with your website address so I can include you and your carving business.

Click to go to map home page. Click to view map in Google Maps.
Click to view map in Google Earth.

Find Artists Near You & Around The Globe!

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