Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Completed Rustic Bench

Rustic, Cottonwood Bench
This is the first of 3 rustic, cottonwood benches I'm making this week.  It's displayed on scaffold boards so does not come with a base...  The wood is from the same salvaged tree as the bark I collected for carving.

The log rounds for these benches run from 26" - 32" in diameter and the seat slabs are 20" wide x 70" long x 2.5 " thick.  VERY HEAVY STUFF.  Kerf pockets for the slabs are cut in 6" deep to allow for pinning into place.

 All surfaces have been rough sanded and treated with boiled linseed oil.  Benches are priced at $400 as they are or $500 if a marine spar varnish finish is preferred.

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