Saturday, February 5, 2011

Rudy The Gnome

Chainsaw Carved Gnome
I finally got around to finishing my Rude Gnome {design stolen from Josh Dagg}.  He's about 30" tall, carved in yellow pine and seems to have a little Michael Jackson attitude going on.  "Rudy" is the first of what could be many rude gnomes.

I often drive around with carvings in the back of my truck and am given a thumbs-up by other drivers and their passengers.  However, when I took Rudy for a ride there were no thumbs-up.  Just lots of smiles and giggles :-)

Rudy is for sale in Kennewick and can be yours for $100.

Photo by Tina Baumgartner
Rudy's first road trip was to go slay a big elm tree!  I worked while he guarded the truck.  The elm didn't interest me for carving wood but I did bring home a few large rounds to use for tomahawk or knife throwing targets.

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