Thursday, April 21, 2011

Gallery Show Coming!

Sycamore Colt, 32" tall plus base.
Yet another chainsaw wielding sculptor gets a gallery show.  Namely, me!

You & I Framing & Gallery at 214 W 1st Ave., Kennewick, WA will have my art on display for the May Art Walk.  Brooke at You & I is moving the framing part of the business to their back room and opening the current space as an additional gallery.  My sculptures will fill that new space for May and June 2011.

Sculptures scheduled for the gallery include this Colt, and Octopus and several other large pieces including a sculpted bench.  As many as a dozen small pieces designed to hang on the wall will be there as well.

See you during the May, 2011 Kennewick Art Walk!

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  1. The Art Walk evening went well with quite a few people coming into the gallery. My work is planned to be available at the You & I Framing & Gallery until the end of June 2011.