Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Freja and the Bear

After being delayed by wind storms and shiny objects on the ground, I FINALLY finished the big bear.  The log started, and I think ended, as being 6' 3" tall. It's Sycamore which is great for resisting checking {cracking} in our desert air.  I also added a relief kerf in the back to help direct any cracks toward the back and away from his face.

The big fellow is still out back where I can keep an eye on his finish and apply more coats of sealant as he adjusts to the stresses of being a bear rather than a log.

When he goes out front, I plan to price this one at $1,000.  If he's still around in June, I'll display him in front of the You and I Framing art gallery in downtown during the Kennewick Art Walk.  If not, some other big carving will get the honor.

My next couple of projects are stump carvings...

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