Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 is done.

Giant Bear
The 2016 carving year is ending in a few hours and many carvings lay in it's wake. I hope to carve many more figures during 2017.

Greeting Bear

American Bison

Cowboy Boot

The past 12 months have seen a lot hardwood logs come onto the property.  Usually with great effort and the help of tractor, winch, chains, cables and a badly abused trailer.  It takes a lot to move large logs!  Even more effort is required for the much more heavy hardwood.

Betsy Ross Flag

Native Bust

Praying Soldie

All that effort turns to excitement when blocks of wood are hitting the ground and a new figure slowly takes shape. :)  But these new shapes need to be marketed and eventually sold to make room for the next creations.

You can make an appointment to visit and see my artwork in Kennewick, WA by phoning (509) 430-3111 to leave a message.

Or visit online to see photos of currently For Sale carvings, as well as a photo archive, are available at: 

Trump Stumps

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