Saturday, December 31, 2016

Where do you get your wood?

Clowning Around   
I'm often asked, "Where do you get your wood?" 
Catalpa giant 12' log
Well,,,  Where does one get anything worth having?  You either work hard to get it or you pay someone else to do the work.  In my case I'm nearly always the brain and the brawn of the project. 

Moving Cedar Logs
Some times I find logs and some times logs find me.  Either way, they never deliver themselves and never fall out of the sky ready to carve.  Work, work, work.  It's a simple equation...

I prefer for the logs to find me.  This happens when a land owner is faced with removing their beloved shade tree and can't bear to see it all go to firewood or to the dump.  They some times phone me to tell me the story of their tree and explain they'd rather see it be used for art and not just firewood.

Austrian Pine on sawmill
One other source is the 'one man' tree removal company.  It might be late in the day and they still have this huge log to get rid of when they'd prefer to be at home with the family.  When it occurs to them, "that guy has a tractor and a trailer", I've got wood :)  As simple as that if you have the tools to move logs.

Spruce Logs on trailer

Bartering is an option but with so many free logs to be had, I only barter for very special logs or for logs that are delivered to me.  Still, I've made a deal or two through the years.

Unfortunately, many people wanting to barter or sell their logs have a hugely inflated idea about the value of their log.  Their co-worker may have told them it's work thousands of dollars.  I say, let their coworker buy it.  LOL
Forked Sycamore Log

Sycamore Logs

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